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Updates, Updates, Updates and More Updates

There have been a lot of updates this past week. Much to my relief most of these updates went smoothly. The main problem were with the updates to this site but I half expected it so allowed extra time to get them done and I did plenty of backups before starting.

WHS 2011 Update Rollup 4 & More

I was happy to see WHS 2011 is alive and well within Microsoft, even if it has been marked for death. Tuesday’s patch bundle included Windows Home Server 2011 Update Rollup 4 with 10 documented fixes. I’m pretty aggressive in keeping my WHS box up to date so it was updated back in November, but it still had 8 patches waiting in addition to the rollup.

I generally take Microsoft’s default selections when I chose which patches to install then do the unselected ones after, if they are still needed. In this case I also unchecked UR4 and started the update.

A couple updates failed and I selected them and the other remaining updates after the reboot, only excluding UR4. It was fine this time and UR4 was successfully installed after that reboot. The connector updates were then pushed out to the clients automatically. This required a reboot, but that was done when the client patches were installed.

No problems so far.

Windows 7 & Windows 8 PCs

Lots of updates all around and they all needed reboots. Windows RT got its share of patches, including a firmware update. I haven’t noticed any difference but some report better performance.

Windows 8 threw in another patch on Thursday which also required a reboot. These are annoying since I run a lot of apps and unlike my Macs they don’t restore running apps automatically. So while the actual reboot is fast, it’s a frustrating 15 minutes of preparation and recovery.

Mac OS X

My new Mac Mini had a BIOS update related to HDMI monitor connections. I haven’t had an issue. My monitor goes through an adapter to the Mac’s HDMI port. I’ll be moving my old Windows monitor to the Mini and then it will be HDMI direct. So probably a good update to have.

The iTunes 11 update wasn’t problem free. But the new bugs were minor compared to the nightmare that is iTunes anyway. More on this in a future post.

Debian 6 and WordPress (My Web Server)

WordPress LogoThis was the big one for me. Just about every major software component of this server was slated for an update. Apache, MySQL, PHP and WordPress all had updates waiting. I held off on the Apache, MySQL and PHP updates until WordPress 3.5 was released. I’d do it in two phases – everything except WordPress, then WordPress. Of course, before starting I did a full server snapshot backup and a file system backup of my web server.

The OS updates and Apache, MySQL and PHP updates all went fine. Everything tested out OK after the update. Then the problems began.

The WordPress upgrades on my test sites only had issues on the ones using the new Twenty Twelve theme. The theme is now part of the core WordPress installation and I install through Subversion (svn). The sites were broken until I deleted the Twenty Twelve directory and re-ran the svn update. That wasn’t going to be a problem on this or my other production sites since they didn’t have the Twenty Twelve theme installed.

I saved this site until last, since it’s my biggest one. So naturally, that’s when the problems began. Short version – the SVN update went horribly wrong. It was possibly self-inflicted. I had deleted the old Twenty Ten theme since I never used it. SVN didn’t like that and threw an error. This must have affected the rest of the update. While pages were still being served from the cache, the site was basically down.

I spent some time trying to work around the error but without success. Finally I did a fresh WordPress installation to a temp directory using Subversion. Then I copied those files over the installation for this site, being careful not to overwrite or delete and files I added or changed. After that, and a restart of Apache all seems fine.

Patch Tuesday list for Windows RT

Patch Tuesday – Now With Windows RT Included!

While there were patches waiting when we all first got our Microsoft Surface RT, today was the first “Patch Tuesday” since it’s release, and it was invited to the party. It brought a firmware update and 7 other patches, although one of those was a Windows Defender definition update and probably shouldn’t count.

Patch Tuesday list for Windows RT

Some bloggers and others were reporting a performance improvement. Personally, it seemed the same for me. My slowest app (MetroTwit) is still frustratingly slow but now crashes much faster. I don’t blame the patch for this as MetroTwit was a devil of an app from the time I installed it.

SurfaceGeeks.net has a thread going to discuss the patching experience and results. Check it out before you update and add your two-cents after the update.



Microsoft Security Updates

MS Security AlertMicrosoft released nine security updates this past Tuesday.

When it came time to run Automatic Update on my Windows XP SP2 virtual machine (running under Parallels) I got 12 updates, so Microsoft pushed more than the security updates. The updates broke down as follows (all links are to the Microsoft Knowledge Base article number listed):

  1. Security Update for Media Player 11 (KB936782)
  2. Security Update for IE 7 on Windows XP (KB938127)
  3. Security Update for Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 (KB928365)
  4. Cumulative Security Update for IE7 on Windows XP (KB937143)
  5. Security Update for Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 (KB928366)
  6. Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool – August 2007 (KB890830)
  7. Security Update for Windows XP (KB938829)
  8. Security Update for Windows XP (KB921503)
  9. Definition Update for Windows Defender
  10. Update for Windows XP (KB936357)
  11. Update for Windows XP (KB938828)
  12. Security Update for Windows XP (KB936021)

The updates to Windows Vista Ultimate (also running under Parallels) through Automatic Update included:

  1. Update Windows Mail Junk E-Mail Filter (KB905866)
  2. Update for Windows Vista (KB938127)
  3. Cumulative Security Update for IE 7 in Vista (KB937143)
  4. Security Update for Windows Vista (KB933579)
  5. Malicious Software Removal Tool – August 2007 (KB890830)
  6. Security Update for Windows Vista (KB936021)
  7. Security Update for Windows Vista (KB936782)
  8. Definition Update for Windows Defender
  9. Security Update for Windows Vista (KB938123)

Patching Results (both platforms)

The download and patching was straight-forward. A single reboot at the end of the patching was required. Windows didn’t have any problems starting up or running after being patched. But, I don’t use Windows enough to encounter any but the most severe problems. I also run very few applications so wouldn’t encounter any conflicts. I don’t run any versions of MS Office so I haven’t tried the Office updates.

Have you applied the updates yet? Any problems?

Microsoft July Patch Tuesday Updates

MS Security AlertThere’s a couple of updates to last Tuesday’s Microsoft patches that are worth mentioning.

First, Microsoft updated MS07-036 to include Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac as a vulnerable application. So if you run Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac you’ll need to patch it. I don’t run the software so can’t say how the patch works. The vulnerability is rated as “Important” for Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac.
Also, Slashdot has a posting about people experiencing problems with the .NET updates from last Tuesday. This was bulletin MS07-040. Most problems are related to high cpu usage after the update. This isn’t a problem I experienced on my Windows PC or on Windows running under Parallels.

Apple Patches on Tuesday

Quicktime and iTunes in Software UpdateApple joins the the Tuesday patch party and releases updates to Quicktime and iTunes. The patches are for the software on both Windows and OS X.

The Quicktime update, to version 7.2 includes eight security vulnerability fixes in addition to updates to the H.264 codec, support for full screen viewing and “numerous bug fixes”. As with all other Quicktime updates if you’ve purchased a Quicktime Pro version prior to 7 and you install this update your older Quicktime Pro will stop working and you’ll have to buy the new version. The update requires a reboot on both Mac and Windows.

The iTunes update brings iTunes to 7.3.1 and fixes a problem with iTunes 7.3 accessing the library. I installed this on both Mac and Windows without incident. As a test I played a short podcast on Windows. I successfully synced my iPod and Apple TV after the update. I didn’t have the access problem this update was supposed to fix so I can’t say whether or not it resolved that specific problem.